Why Is a Spring Heating Oil Tank Fill So Important?

During the spring months, the days get warmer and longer, which means that many heating oil customers use their furnaces less as the days stretch on. Some homeowners think that spring means not needing to think about heating oil or their heating oil tank any longer, but that is not quite the truth. A spring heating oil tank fill is a critical part of your spring cleaning and household maintenance. If you allow your heating oil tank to sit empty or partially filled, there could be costly damage waiting for you in the fall.

What Happens in an Empty or Partially-Filled Oil Tank?

As temperatures fluctuate between cold and warm during the Maryland and Pennsylvania spring and summer, moisture will be drawn from the air sitting inside of the heating oil tank. The moisture in the tank will settle on the walls and accumulate over time in the form of condensation. Whenever a heating oil tank sits outdoors or in direct sunlight, condensation will form. A spring heating oil tank fill can limit the amount of condensation that forms because there is more oil and less moist are and surface area to create condensation.

How Does Condensation Damage My Heating Oil Tank?

Water has a higher density than heating oil, which means that any water droplets will sink to the bottom of your heating oil tank. In the water droplets, microorganisms will form, reproduce, and die off. The microorganisms will form sediment over time, and that sediment can eventually clog your burner nozzle or fuel lines. Penn-Mar Oil Company only uses high-quality fuels that are designed to never clog your nozzle during our spring heating oil tank fills, but sometimes it can still occur. Sediment is also dangerous for the structural integrity of your tank, as it is very corrosive and can rust your tank from the inside out.

How Does Penn-Mar Oil Company Protect My Tank During a Spring Heating Oil Tank Fill?

All of our heating oil is clean-burning and high quality to lower the chances of bacterial growth, the formation of sediment, and the probability of rust. When we complete spring heating oil tank fills for our customers, they receive only the best quality fuels.

Don’t Run Out of Heating Oil with Penn-Mar Oil Company

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