Which Is Best for My Family, Will-Call or Automatic Delivery from Penn-Mar Oil Company?

Automatic Delivery from Penn-Mar Oil Company

At Penn-Mar Oil Company, our top priority is always delivering high-quality fuels at competitive rates to our loyal customers throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. In line with those priorities, we offer two convenient types of delivery to meet your needs. There are several key differences between will-call and automatic delivery from Penn-Mar Oil Company that will all be outlined in this blog. Which is right for you?

What Is Will-Call Delivery from Penn-Mar Oil Company?

Will-call delivery is a great solution for homeowners who use heating oil as a secondary fuel source or who don’t want to keep a full tank of fuel in their home. Penn-Mar Oil Company has quick delivery and can generally complete an order within two business days if the order was placed by noon. However, will-call customers are responsible for checking their own gauges and calling when they need a delivery. Deliveries can be delayed when inclement weather is in the forecast or due to holidays. We suggest never allowing your tank to fall below ¼ full. If you use heating oil as your primary fuel source, we suggest automatic delivery.

What Is Auto-Delivery from Penn-Mar Oil Company?

If you rely on heating oil as your primary heating source or never want the stress of keeping track of fuel oil levels in your tank, automatic delivery from Penn-Mar Oil Company is the best solution. Our automatic delivery service is free for all customers. It removes the guesswork from determining when your next heating oil delivery should arrive. Our team uses an innovative program to track your usage history, average temperatures, and upcoming forecasts to determine when your next delivery should occur. We will bring your deliveries automatically when your fuel oil tank is between 1/3 and 1/4 full so that you never run too low.

Regardless of whether you rely on will-call or automatic delivery from Penn-Mar Oil Company, you should always have a spring heating oil tank fill completed to prevent condensation and sediment from forming until you use your fuel oil tank again in the fall.

Rely on Auto-Delivery from Penn-Mar Oil Company

Penn-Mar Oil Company is proud to be the preferred heating oil provider of Pennsylvania and Maryland residents since 1936. We offer high-quality kerosene, heating oil, and off-road diesel, all backed up by our exceptional customer service and convenient delivery service. To order heating oil, please call us today at (717) 276-9617 or visit us online.