What Heating Oil Storage Tank Maintenance Tips Can Keep My System in Good Condition?

Heating oil storage tank maintenance is critical to the longevity of your storage tank and the efficiency of your system.

Heating oil boasts plenty of benefits, and one of the biggest ones is the simplicity of heating oil storage tank maintenance. A little maintenance can drastically prolong the life of your system and the efficiency of the quality fuels you receive from Penn-Mar Oil Company in Maryland and Pennsylvania areas. While you should leave your annual maintenance and repairs to a professional, there are plenty of simple tips to keep your fuel oil storage tank in awesome condition all year long.

Check for Leaks

The easiest type of heating oil storage tank maintenance involves taking a walk around the tank if it is above ground. Check the fuel oil tank, valves, fuel delivery and vent lines, supply and return lines and fittings. Look on the ground underneath all of the components for signs of oil accumulation or rust that indicate a potential malfunction.

Look at the Fuel Oil Tank Structure

Look over the body of the tank for signs of oil staining, rust, dents or tilting. Some of these indicate the need for urgent heating oil storage tank maintenance, while others could lead to future problems if not addressed. You should also take the time to look at the support legs holding the tank up for signs of cracking, rust or settling. Tanks indoors should be securely mounted on a concrete floor. Fuel oil storage tanks that are outside should be on a stable surface, like concrete on compacted soil. If the surface the tank is sitting on gets soft, the tank could fall on the ground or fall over, become damaged and leak.

Protect It From the Elements

If you have an above ground tank outside of your home, your heating oil storage tank maintenance should also include steps to guard the tank against the impact of winds, ice and harsh weather. Use weather protection devices, like fill gauge protectors or stability brackets, to prevent damage. Always cut back vegetation around the tank that could lead to a higher risk of rust or corrosion. It’s also an excellent idea to use rust-proof paint on the legs and body of the storage tank for extra protection.

Complete Your Heating Oil Storage Tank Maintenance with Penn-Mar Oil Company

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