What Determines the Price of Heating Oil?

price of heating oil
Every time you drive by the gas station, the price is probably slightly different. The same factors that can affect the price of gasoline for your car can also influence the price of heating oil for your tank. From seasonal demand to the price of crude oil, here are some of the things that affect the amount you pay to fill your fuel oil tank with high-quality heating oil in the Maryland and Pennsylvania areas from Penn-Mar Oil Company.

Operating Costs

As with any other product, the costs that arise during transportation and delivery will be passed on to the customer. Penn-Mar Oil Company offers free automatic delivery to our customers, and our automatic delivery customers receive our best possible rate. Because we can optimize our delivery routes for the most cost savings on our end, we pass those savings onto you to help you save on the price of heating oil.

Crude Oil Prices

Crude oil prices are constantly shifting, and the trends that you see in crude oil prices are often the same trends that govern heating oil prices. The costs for refineries to create heating oil and gasoline directly influence the amount that you pay for them. Like other supply and demand products, the economy, environmental conditions, and global markets can all affect the final price of heating oil.

Seasonal Demand

The demand for heating oil is the highest in the winter when the weather is cold. As a result, the price of heating oil will typically gradually increase over the course of October through March. Many customers elect to fill their heating oil tank completely in the late summer or early fall to lock in the best rate and avoid paying a premium. Another great way to save on your heating oil bills is to enroll in automatic delivery with Penn-Mar Oil Company.

Buying Power

Penn Mar is a member of the Tevis Family of Companies, because of that can take advantage of their buying power at local terminals, giving you the best price. It also includes anti-gel and other additives to make the fuel burn cleaner and last longer.

Get the Best Price of Heating Oil from Penn-Mar Oil Company

Penn-Mar Oil Company is proud to be the preferred heating oil provider of Pennsylvania and Maryland residents since 1936. We offer high-quality kerosene, heating oil, and off-road diesel, all backed up by our exceptional customer service and convenient delivery service. To order heating oil, please call us today at (717) 276-9617 or visit us online.