Heating System Tune-Ups

Penn-Mar Oil Company has a top-quality service department to make sure your oil-fired heating system is running properly year-round. We recommend that all of our customers schedule an annual tune-up for their heating equipment to maximize the efficiency of their system and to reduce the risk of any malfunctions, particularly during the peak heating season.

Why Schedule a Tune-Up?

Our annual maintenance program is affordable and incredibly beneficial to your equipment. Besides the traditional maintenance service, our experienced technicians will survey your system’s performance, point out anything that needs attention, and recommend the best solution for repairs or replacements to ensure there are no breakdowns.

Benefits of an Annual Tune-Up:

  • Keep your equipment running effectively and efficiently to reduce fuel consumption and SAVE YOU MONEY
  • Extend the lifespan of your heating equipment
  • Improve your indoor air quality
  • Reduce the need for service and emergency calls
  • Maintain the manufacturer’s warranty coverage

And with all of the benefits, these tune-ups pay for themselves!

Our Comprehensive Tune-Up

Save money on future energy bills and ensure your system is running at peak efficiency by taking advantage our 14-point heating system precision tune-up and inspection:

  1. Clean heat exchanger
  2. Check oil filter, pump strainer and nozzle
  3. Inspect and clean combustion chamber
  4. Clean and inspect flue pipe
  5. Test ignition transformer
  6. Clean and inspect cad cell eye
  7. Clean burner wheel
  8. Inspect blast tube
  9. Check for oil leaks
  10. Check oil burner and circulator motors
  11. Check calibration of all operating controls
  12. Check all oil burner safety controls
  13. Check fan belts and adjust or replace
  14. Check air filters

Don’t wait any longer; schedule your tune-up today! You can also enroll in one of our Service Plans and get a tune-up as part of your annual service.