Heating Oil Delivery New Franklin, PA, 17202

New Franklin Heating Oil Delivery:

New Franklin Heating Oil Delivery

New Franklin Heating Oil Delivery

Fuel delivery service is available for furnaces, boilers, and homes with oil hot water heaters.

Our fuel product line includes on-road diesel, off-road diesel, gasoline and kerosene for homes, businesses, farms, manufacturing and commercial fuel delivery service. Click or call for more information.

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We deliver to these towns in Maryland and Pennsylvania:

Chambersburg, Fayetteville, Marion, Mont Alto, Quincy

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New Franklin Heating Oil Delivery:

New Franklin Fuel Oil

New Franklin Fuel Oil

New Franklin, PA is a small town in Franklin County. Every year, New Franklin homeowners face steep energy bills due to the presence of so much snow, sleet, ice, rain and frigid temperatures. Thankfully, Penn-Mar Oil Company offers cost-effective, clean burning heating oil delivery to the greater New Franklin area. Leave high energy bills in the past and rely on Penn-Mar Oil Company instead.

The first settlers arrived in New Franklin, PA in the 1700s and settled there due to the proximity to the Allegheny River and French Creek. A French expedition claimed the site in 1749, and in 1753 the French kicked out British traders living in the space to create a fort around the trading post. In that same year, George Washington traveled to New Franklin to warn the French that their claim was invalid, but the French ignored the warning to build Fort Machault. Inside of the Fort, the French accumulated French troops, Indians, boats and other weaponry to attempt an attack on Fort Pitt to reclaim Fort Duquesne.

Eventually, the British and Americans both constructed forts nearby in response. Over time, some of the structures became municipal buildings and jails for the town that remained. In the early 1800s, New Franklin continued to grow over time until the greater region became a booming locale for worldwide oil production following Colonel Edwin Drake’s drilling of the first well in the 1850s. County oil production hit its peak in the early 1880s, and the oil blend created by the town was sold at a premium price. New Franklin became known as an established community despite wealth and “new money” pouring in. In response to the oil industry, the town had numerous residential and commercial construction projects completed.

Eventually, the oil industry in the town declined, and New Franklin remained a manufacturing-based town and charming community.

If you are a New Franklin, PA homeowner in need of a more cost-effective way to keep your home warm during the winter months, we can help. Penn-Mar Oil Company is here to keep your family comfortable! To learn more about our services or schedule a delivery today, give us a call at (717) 276-9623

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