How Much Could It Cost to Convert Your Heating Oil System?

Convert Your Heating Oil System

Whenever you make an investment in your home, there are many factors you should weigh before making a final decision. Any big change, whether it’s to your roof or your furnace, will require a significant amount of money. The same is true if you convert your heating oil system to another type of fuel. What is the cost to convert your heating oil system in Maryland and Pennsylvania areas?

How Much Does It Cost to Convert Your Heating Oil System?

What is your motivation to convert your heating oil system? If you’re like many homeowners, you are looking to save energy and money on your fuel bills. However, many homeowners end up overestimating the energy savings they will experience and underestimating the total cost of conversion. You could invest a great deal of time and money to change the way that you heat your home only to find that your energy bills are almost identical to what they were before.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you wait to convert your heating oil system until your current system would need to be replaced due to age or repair anyways. If you are not overspending on maintenance to keep your existing system operational, the up-front costs of conversion will outweigh the immediate benefits you might experience. The best time to convert your heating oil system is if you would already be purchasing a new furnace. A new heating oil tank and furnace using quality fuels can last a lifetime; Whereas a heat pump will only last 6-10 years making them a recurring cost.

What Should You Consider Before You Convert Your Heating Oil System?

Do you use a water heater? If your water heater uses heating oil to warm your water, you will need to replace your heating oil system, your water heater, and the piping that it uses when you convert. You should also consider the longevity and lifespan of your current system. Most heat pumps require replacement once a decade, while heating oil systems that use high-quality fuels from Penn-Mar Oil Company require less frequent maintenance and replacement.

You should also know that heating oil today is very different from the heating oil used decades ago to heat homes. Heating oil today is clean-burning, and it burns hotter than other fuels to create an efficient heat. If you purchased a new home that has oil heat, we encourage you to wait before you convert your heating oil system. Many customers enjoy the many benefits of heating oil once they have a chance to experience them firsthand.

The NORA Tank Rebate program is back!

When considering converting your heating system, be sure to search for additional money-saving opportunities before making your decision. Currently, NORA (National Oilheat Research Alliance) is offering Maryland and Pennsylvania consumers rebates of $200 and $500, respectively, towards the replacement of their heating oil tanks.  Click here to inquire further.

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