How Does My Heating Oil Gauge Work?

heating oil gauge

Whether you’re preparing for a foot of snow or hosting family over a holiday weekend, you never want your home to run the risk of depleting your heating oil tank. Automatic delivery from Penn-Mar Oil Company is one way to ensure you never run out of quality fuels, and understanding how to properly read your heating oil gauge is another.

How Does a Heating Oil Gauge Show the Oil Level?

Unlike other gauges, a heating oil gauge does not show the precise number of gallons left in the tank. Instead, these gauges show what percentage of the tank is filled with fuel. Just like the gas tank in your car, the heating oil gauge on your tank will show if the tank is 100% full, 75% full, 50% full, 25% full or close to empty. We recommend first checking the reading on the gauge and then comparing it to the capacity of your tank to get an idea of how much you have left.

How Does My Heating Oil Gauge Work?

Heating oil tanks come in different shapes and sizes, but almost all of them are ovular or round. That means that the float is most accurate in its reading at three different points in the tank:

  1. When your tank is at maximum capacity or you just received a heating oil delivery the heating oil gauge will read 100%.
  2. When the float hits the bottom of the tank, it will show that there is no oil in the tank. We strongly recommend never allowing your tank to reach empty, as the water, condensation and debris inside can be drawn into your heating system and cause costly damage. Instead, we suggest never letting your tank fall below 20% without another delivery on the way.
  3. When the heating oil in your tank is precisely halfway down the tank, the gauge will correctly read 50%.

The best way to avoid fretting over your heating oil gauge and rest assured that you have quality fuels ready to keep your family comfortable is enrolling in automatic delivery from Penn-Mar Oil Company. We offer automatic delivery as a complimentary service, and all customers who take advantage are eligible to receive our best heating oil rates backed by our exceptional customer service.

Keep Your Heating Oil Tank Filled with Penn-Mar Oil Company

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