How Do I Restart a Burner That Has Run Out of Heating Oil?

run out of heating oil

It’s our goal at Penn-Mar Oil Company for your heating oil tank to never run dry, but sometimes the best-laid plans go awry. If you run out of heating oil and your furnace does not immediately kick back on after you refill the tank, you might need to manually bleed the furnace to get things moving again.

How to Safely Restart a Burner

Before you start the process, refresh your understanding of the best safety protocols for restarting a burner if you run out of heating oil. The steps we list below will only work on a furnace that burns heating oil. All of the components inside of the furnace can be very hot, so work slowly and take caution throughout the process. If you feel uncomfortable or uncertain at any point, you can call our burner service partners: Modern Comfort Systems (Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard Counties) at (410) 876-2200 or Jerry’s Heating and Air Conditioning (Anne Arundel County) at (443) 250-6013. It is better to reach out to a professional for greater peace of mind if you are unsure.

How Can I Restart a Burner That Has Run Out of Oil?

  1. Fill up your heating oil tank with clean-burning heating oil from Penn-Mar Oil Company. To ensure that you don’t run out of heating oil again, you can also use the opportunity to enroll in our complimentary automatic delivery service.
  2. Hit the reset button on your oil furnace. Most furnaces will start working right away, but if yours does not, you should continue following these steps.
  3. Next, you will need to manually bleed the fuel line. Turn off the furnace and use the manual to determine whether you need an Allen key or an adjustable wrench. Get the appropriate tool, a container that can catch oil waste from the furnace-like a bucket and a piece of ¼-inch diameter flexible nylon tubing. If you plan on reusing oil that you bleed from the furnace, you should ensure the container you are using is clean. If sludge and debris come out when you bleed the furnace, do not use any oil from the container.
  4. Check the bleeder valve and loosen the nut. Do not unscrew the hex nut entirely. Slide the tubing into the valve and place the other end into the container.
  5. Turn your furnace on and slowly continue to unscrew the hex nut until oil starts to flow. Air and oil will come out. Wait until the fluid coming out is clean, new heating oil before you retighten the nut and stop the flow.
  6. Tighten the valve completely and wait for your heating system to turn on. That’s it! Remember to enroll in automatic delivery so that you never run out of heating oil again

Never Run Out of Heating Oil with Penn-Mar Oil Company

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