What Heating Oil Storage Tank Maintenance Tips Can Keep My System in Good Condition?

Heating oil boasts plenty of benefits, and one of the biggest ones is the simplicity of heating oil storage tank maintenance. A little maintenance can drastically prolong the life of your system and the efficiency of the quality fuels you receive from Penn-Mar Oil Company. While you should leave your annual maintenance and repairs to […]

What Will My Monthly Heating Oil Cost Be This Winter?

Every year, homeowners sit down to plan out their budgets for the coming year, and one of the major expenses every homeowner has is energy. While heating oil is the most cost-effective way to heat your home, you will still need to budget out your monthly heating oil cost. Budgeting for fuel can be tricky […]

Don’t Run Out of Heating Oil! How Much Heating Oil Is in My Tank?

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, cookies are in the oven and you’re all ready for the holiday season, right? Not necessarily! If you don’t have enough heating oil in your tank, your happy holiday could be anything but. Instead of allowing yourself to run out of heating oil, learn how to […]

What Are Degree Days, and Why Do They Matter?

At Penn-Mar Oil Company, customers routinely wonder how we do such an excellent job at estimating need in our automatic delivery program. While we cant give away all of our secrets, we can explain one of the terms that heavily dictates how much heating oil you will need to utilize—degree days. What Are Degree Days? […]

Are You About to Run Out of Heating Oil? Here’s What You Need to Do

As the saying goes, even the best-laid plans can go awry, and the same is true for homeowners who are typically prepared but run out of heating oil during the winter months. If you find yourself on the verge of running out of heating oil when the weather outside is frightful, here is what you […]

Make Your List and Check It Twice: Scheduling Heating Oil Deliveries Around the Holidays

Winter is here, which means that families throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland are gathering around the fire to enjoy each other and celebrate the holidays. When you’re making your list and checking it twice, don’t forget about one of the most important things to make your holidays merry and bright—home heating oil! Scheduling your heating oil […]

Why Do I Use More Heating Oil During the Holidays?

Do you notice your energy bills climbing over the course of the holidays? Even if you have a fire crackling in your fireplace and guests warming up your living room, you might still use more heating oil around the holidays. While it is normal to use more heating oil when the weather outside is cold, […]

Am I Out of Heating Oil? Learn the Signs You’re About to Run Dry

How do you have peace of mind that you won’t run out of gasoline when you’re on a road trip? The fuel gauge and gas light that will always allow you to keep an eye on how much fuel you have left and alert you if your level is low! Unfortunately, heating fuel levels are […]

How Much Heating Oil Do I Need?

Every winter, Hagerstown and surrounding area homeowners have to answer the question, “How much heating fuel oil do I need this winter?” While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, all that you need is the size of your heating oil tank and the outside temperature to come up with how much you’ll need. […]