Why Do I Use More Heating Oil During the Holidays?

heating oil during the holidays

Do you notice your energy bills climbing over the course of the holidays? Even if you have a fire crackling in your fireplace and guests warming up your living room, you might still use more heating oil around the holidays. While it is normal to use more heating oil when the weather outside is cold, there are many small changes you can make to get the most out of every heating oil delivery from Penn-Mar Oil Company.

Do You Use More Heating Oil During the Holidays?

A wide range of factors lead to how much heating oil you use during any given period and the same is true during the holiday season. Are you empty-nesters with college students or adult children who come home for the holidays? Having someone in the house when it is normally unoccupied during the day or living in rooms that are traditionally unused will increase your energy usage.

Do you host family and friends for dinner and holiday celebrations? This will also cause you to use more heating oil as you increase the thermostat to keep them comfortable. The oven and other appliances will also get more use, leading to an increase on your energy bill. Thankfully, little changes can decrease your overall energy consumption and make your heating oil go as far as possible.

How Can I Use My Energy More Efficiently During the Holiday Season?

  • Turn down your thermostat when you are having guests over. Body heat can naturally warm a room, along with candles and a fire lit for ambiance. The room might be a little brisker than you would like when your guests first arrive, but things will heat up in no time.
  • Wear layers around the house, including sweaters over t-shirts or slippers over your socks. Change your bedsheets to flannel sheets and use throw blankets when sitting on the couch. It takes time for your body to adjust to colder temperatures, so ease the transition by layering up.
  • Have a third-party home energy audit to see where you are losing energy around the house. Whether it’s adding more insulation to your attic or sealing up your windows to prevent drafts, minor adjustments and additions to your home can add up to lower fuel costs and lower energy bills.

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