How Much Heating Oil Do I Need?

how much heating oil do I need

Every winter, Hagerstown and surrounding area homeowners have to answer the question, “How much heating fuel oil do I need this winter?” While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, all that you need is the size of your heating oil tank and the outside temperature to come up with how much you’ll need.

How Can I Calculate How Much Heating Oil I Need?

We will start by assuming that you have a standard 275-gallon fuel oil tank that is less than ¼ full. While you could receive a delivery up to 215 gallons, you might just want to purchase 100 gallons this time. Start by checking the weather forecast to see what current outdoor temperatures are and what they will average over the next week. Next, find that temperature on the convenient chart below and check the middle column to estimate your oil use per 24-hour period. Finally, check the third column to see approximately how long 100 gallons of high-quality heating oil will last.


Average Outside Temperature Approximate Gallons Used Per 24 Hours Approximate Days 100 Gallons Will Last
15 7.8 12.8 days
20 7 14.4 days
25 6.2 16 days
30 5.3 18.8 days
35 4.5 22.4 days
40 3.7 27.2 days
45 2.8 35.6 days
50 2 50 days


On average, winter temperatures in Maryland and Pennsylvania hover in the low 30s. With the prediction of the “polar coaster” of temperatures this winter from Farmer’s Almanac, homeowners may elect to air on the side of caution and anticipate lower temperatures when determining how much heating oil they need.

What Did You Spend Last Year?

Another way to approximate the amount of heating fuel oil you will need this year is looking at your historical usage. Gather your bills from last winter and see how much of it you used. Remember to schedule your annual maintenance to ensure that your oil-burning furnace is in exceptional condition and ready to use our high-quality fuels in the most efficient manner possible.

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