How Do I Know If I Am Out of Heating Oil?


Out of Heating Oil

Winter in Maryland and Pennsylvania means snowstorms, frigid temperatures and plenty of chilly winter nights. That’s why thousands of homeowners throughout the area rely on high-quality, clean-burning heating oil to keep their homes comfortable. Unfortunately, sometimes when you forget to schedule a delivery or use more than you typically would, you run out of heating oil. If you are concerned that you are about to run out of fuel oil, you should take immediate action.

  1. Check Your Heating Oil Tank Gauge

    If you think that you are about to run out of heating oil, start by checking the gauge on your oil tank. The floating bar should display the percentage of oil left in your tank like the gas tank in your car. We suggest that you refill your fuel oil tank when it is between 25% and 33% full so that you don’t run the risk of running completely out of heating oil and doing harm to your burner and system.

  1. Take a Look Inside the Tank

    If you aren’t sure that your gauge is accurate or working properly, remove the cap on top of your heating oil tank and take a look inside using a flashlight. If you see that your tank is filled over halfway with liquid heating oil, you don’t need to place an order right away. However, if the bottom of your tank is covered in sludge or thick-looking oil, you should take action. Rust and sediment can accumulate at the bottom of a heating oil tank and be drawn into your burners if the oil level falls too low. If your fuel tank looks empty or has sludge-like residue, contact Penn-Mar Oil Company for delivery since you are out of fuel oil.

  1. Measure the Oil Level Manually

    In the majority of heating oil tanks, you can insert a clean stick long enough to hit the bottom of your tank through the hole on the top to manually check how much fuel oil is left. When you feel the clean stick, broom handle, or dipstick hit the bottom of your fuel oil tank, wait five seconds and then slowly pull it out. If liquid sticks to the bottom of the stick, there is still a little oil left in the tank. If there is sludge or residue and no liquid on the wire, you are completely out of heating oil.

Never Run Out of Heating Oil with Penn-Mar Oil Company

Penn-Mar Oil Company is proud to be the preferred heating oil provider of Pennsylvania and Maryland residents since 1936. We offer high-quality kerosene, heating oil and off-road diesel, all backed up by our exceptional customer service and convenient delivery service. To order heating oil, please call us today at (717) 276-9617 or visit us online.