Are You About to Run Out of Heating Oil? Here’s What You Need to Do

run out of heating oil
As the saying goes, even the best-laid plans can go awry, and the same is true for homeowners who are typically prepared but run out of heating oil during the winter months. If you find yourself on the verge of running out of heating oil when the weather outside is frightful, here is what you need to do until a fuel delivery can occur.

What Can I Do If I’m Out of  Oil?

Start by giving Penn-Mar Oil Company a call as soon as you discover that you might run out of heating oil. We offer prompt turnaround, but during snow or on a holiday weekend, we may be unable to deliver heating oil as quickly as we otherwise would. Until we can get to your home, you should purchase an alternative fuel before you run out of heating oil.

The best and most accessible fuels are diesel and kerosene. Both can typically be purchased at any gas station in the event of emergency. Bring a sealed gas container that can hold at least 5 gallons of fuel with you and fill it. If you run out of heating oil over the weekend, a holiday or during a snowstorm, you should purchase multiple containers of diesel or kerosene.

When you get home, fill your tank with the fuel and let it settle for 10-15 minutes so that impurities can settle, and clean fuel will sit on top. Once the fuel settles, you can restart your furnace. If you ran out of fuel entirely, you may need to bleed the fuel line manually before it will turn back on. Once your furnace kicks on, you will be able to use your furnace normally to heat your home until a heating oil delivery arrives.

I Don’t Want to Run Out of Heating Oil. What Should I Do?

At Penn-Mar Oil Company, all of our automatic delivery customers have the assurance that we will monitor their heating oil levels throughout the winter. Penn-Mar Oil Company has a complimentary automatic delivery service that takes the stress out of bad weather and holidays. Our experts will monitor your heating oil levels and keep your tank filled all winter long, so you will not run out of heating oil. Call us today at (717) 276-9621 to enroll.

Don’t Run Out of Fuel Oil with Penn-Mar Oil Company

Penn-Mar Oil Company is proud to be the preferred heating oil provider of Pennsylvania and Maryland residents since 1936. We offer high-quality kerosene, heating oil and off-road diesel, all backed up by our exceptional customer service and convenient delivery service. To order heating oil, please call us today at (717) 276-9617 or visit us online.