Benefits of Heating Oil

At Penn-Mar Oil Company, we’re proud to provide our customers with premium heating oil to keep you warm all winter long. There are many benefits to choosing oil for your home heating needs, from saving money to keeping you warm and comfortable all throughout the heating season. We also add a heating oil additive to our fuel oil at no additional charge—learn more below.

Oil Heat Is Affordable.

Oil heat consumers have enjoyed low prices over the recent years, even during the peak winter months. This means that you benefit from lower energy bills and can keep more money in your pocket.

Oil Heat Is Safe.

When compared to other heating fuels such as gas, there are far fewer safety concerns with having oil in your home. For one, oil is a non-explosive fuel and is difficult to even ignite. Plus, should your oil heating system malfunction it will emit smoke or soot from the system, alerting you to an issue. Gas system leaks can be undetectable and put people at greater risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Oil Heat Is Clean.

Oil heat is getting cleaner and more efficient every year. Today’s oil heat burns 95% cleaner than in 1970, which translates to improved heating system efficiency and savings on your energy bills. It’s also an environmentally friendly fuel.

Oil Heat Systems Are Efficient.

Today’s oil heat systems are benefiting from great technological advancements to their equipment and components, leading to efficiency ratings of 95%. This means more warmth for your home while using less fuel, keeping you comfortable while saving you money all winter long.

Heating Oil Additive

An additive is added to every gallon of heating oil we sell. This highly efficient chemical additive helps to keep your heating equipment operating like new, reducing your fuel consumption, adding years of life to your burner, and saving you money on fuel bills and emergency service calls. Here are some other benefits:

  • Clean burning means it’s environmentally friendly and burns more completely which generates more heat
  • Improves economy by cleaning your equipment’s nozzle and burner
  • Helps to prevent failure from rust and corrosion
  • Effective operation impedes sludge formation and water damage
  • Benefits the environment by reducing soot and air pollution

Be sure to have your fuel tank filled completely at the end of the heating season to reduce the potential of water and corrosion damage. Our heating oil additive does more than keep you warm in the winter; it gives you the promise of reliable heat again next fall.

Experience the benefits yourself: schedule your oil delivery today.  In addition to providing safe and reliable home heating oil, we also offer services for kerosene customers.