Arnold’s Antique Pump Parts

Searching for antique gas pumps and parts in the Cumberland Valley area? Arnold’s Antique Pump Parts boasts a variety of unique pieces to add to your collection.

The late Arnold McKenzie, one of the founders of Penn-Mar Oil Company, produced a line of quality reproduction parts for the vintage T-8 and T-88 gas pumps. Penn-Mar Oil still handles these parts.

Our Collection of G&B Antique Gas Pump Parts

  • T8 & T-88 Pump Parts
  • T8 & T-88 Pedestal
  • T8 & T-88 Nozzle
  • T8 & T-88 Nozzle Hanger
  • T8 & T-88 Base Plate

The G&B T-88 nozzle hanger, bottom cover plate, and globe pedestal pictured below are made of solid cast aluminum. The nozzle is made of solid cast brass. Also available is a reproduction of the Atlantic Cross Logo Decal.

Discover antique gas pumps for sale just around the corner from your South Central Pennsylvania or Northern Maryland home! To request more information or place an order, please fill out the following form. (Prices subject to change. Shipping/handling and taxes not included. All parts are limited quantity.)

T-88 Nozzle Hanger

Aluminum construction


T-88 Bottom Cover Plate

Aluminum construction


T-88 Brass Nozzle

Brass construction


T-88 Globe Pedestal

Aluminum construction


Atlantic Cross Arrow Decal

Quality reproduction of the Atlantic Cross Arrow


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